A glamorous 81-year-old, Doris Payne is as unapologetic today about the $2 million in jewels she’s stolen over a 60-year career as she was the day she stole her first carat. With Doris now on trial for the theft of a department store diamond ring, we probe beneath her consummate smile to uncover the secrets of her trade and what drove her to a life of crime. Stylized recreations, an extensive archive and candid interviews reveal how Payne managed to jet-set her way into any Cartier or Tiffany’s from Monte Carlo to Japan and walk out with small fortunes. This sensational portrait exposes a rebel who defies society’s prejudices and pinches her own version of the American Dream while she steals your heart.

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LIMITED PARTNERSHIP is a character-driven documentary about the struggles of Richard Adams and Anthony Sullivan, a bi-national gay couple who were legally married in 1975 in Boulder Colorado. The couple has fought for over 35-years to remain together, despite U.S. immigration law that has attempted to force them apart.

LIMITED PARTNERSHIP is a co-production with Thomas G. Miller and Tesseract Films.

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